Saturday, November 22, 2014

Clerks (The Lost Scene) by Kevin Smith

Title: Clerks (The Lost Scene)
Author: Kevin Smith
Publisher: Oni Press
Rating: WORTHY!

Penciled by Phil Hester
Inked Ande Parks

For those familiar with Kevin Smith's movies, this will be standard boilerplate stuff. It's not really a lost scene - merely one they couldn't afford to pay for when they were making the movie Clerks, so it was cut from the script. I believe it was included in the animated series, which I've not seen. Now, using Kevin Smith's script and artwork by Hester and Parks, it lives, if only in static pictorial format.

If you're a huge fan of the movie, which I'm not (although I do think it worth watching), then you might enjoy this. Otherwise it probably won't be of much utility to you unless you're really into Smith and/or gross-out comics. It is funny, I admit!

The story is of Dante and Randal (the two clerks from Clerks, of course) going to Julie Dwyer's funeral, and an unfortunate incident with some mislaid car keys and an open casket. There's a three page intro featuring Jay and Silent Bob, followed by 17 pages of story and finally a one page outro, and that's it. The artwork is grey-scale, and it and the script are very average, but I do recommend it for fans.

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