Wednesday, May 27, 2015

21 Down Volume 10 by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray

Title: 21 Down Volume 10
Author: Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Publisher: Warner Bros
Rating: WORTHY!

This felt like a really short issue and not a while heck of a lot happened in terms of different events. There were really only three main thrusts to the story, but I liked the way the coloring alternated from dark muted hues to bright ones, and back again, while the text went the opposite way at the start, only to descend slowly into darkness as the story progressed.

It was dark in the cavern where Preston and Mickey took on the creature, but their vocal tone was light and at times, tender. This was followed by the blinding explosion of Mickey's daughter into the story, accompanied by dark prognostications. It became darker in hue again when we returned to the couple and even though they were doing something heroically good, their actions were overshadowed by darkness which was maintained even when the light of the church scene flooded in. And it was all downhill from there!

Making a hair-raising escape from the Monstrosity of bad thoughts, Mickey and Preston rescued the young child and the Champion returned her to her home. Meanwhile, Mickey's daughter is being held in what's believed to be a secure location. Yeah. That's what they believed.

At this point it was decided to introduce a couple of new characters. Well one now - the other is saved for the cliff-hanger ending. The first guy is the young Mr Lahana, and he's and has evidently done something so bad, even his preacher won't forgive him. Or is that hymn?

The second guy introduces himself to Mickey's daughter at the very end of this volume. And she doesn't like it one bit.

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