Monday, May 25, 2015

21 Down Volume 6 by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray

Title: 21 Down Volume 6
Author: Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Publisher: Warner Bros
Rating: WORTHY!

Volume six sees the return of Agent Michelle "Mickey" Rinaldi to the cover, although not in a provocative pose! I thought that maybe the cover artist took a sensitivity course during the volume five hiatus, but I was wrong. Rinaldi comes roaring back on the cover of volume seven!

The story is a bit trope-ish and corny, as we get a huge info dump instead of some real action and drama. In the end it was the priest wotdunit. Preston kicks the living Jesus out of him, and the boy he was using is safely removed from the premises and taken to an ER.

Meanwhile, the belated arrival of Agents Ishikawa and Sizemore lends some fun and humor to the proceedings. I have to say that this volume was the weakest of the first half of this series (which actually ended with volume seven).

The art work was excellent and the interactions were realistic except for the info dump. Preston's change of character was too abrupt and dramatic to be believable, but while I was a bit disappointed here, it was still an okay story and a worthy read as part of the series to this point.

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