Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable by David Rees

Rating: WORTHY!

This was one of the most oddball off-the-wall graphic novels I've ever read. It's also an object lesson in how to make your own comic book. It looks like the author simply cut and pasted black and white line-drawn images from martial arts (specifically karate) technique manuals, and then added his own highly humorous (and highly foul-mouthed, be warned) speech.

Sometimes the same images would be used over and over again with different speech, even in the same order. One time the exact same speech balloons were used with a different set of images. Sometimes an image is reversed. Very minimalist and quite inventive. Also, eminently effective if you have a good story to tell or some hilarious remarks to make, and this one came through in gold bullion on that score. I don't imagine this will amuse everyone, but it sure found my funny bone. Don't ask me to explain it - I can't. Something is either funny to you or it's not, and this was funny as hell to me.

Every conversation was about technique and kicking ass, spreading rumors and fighting weird fighting dudes. The weird characters began appearing early; fighters like Karate Snoopy and Circulatory System man, which no "Normal Man" would be able to fight. Ambulance drivers were kept in rip-roaring business at this "Karate Temple". Even imaginary fighters might become real, in which case could you beat them even in your imagination? Only David Rees can answer these questions! You can find new cartoons and his whole crazy world on his website: I recommend this ten times over!

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