Monday, January 16, 2017

Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics by Yossi Lapid, Joanna Pasek

Rating: WORTHY!

Written in rhyme by Yossi Lapid, and illustrated beautifully by Joanna Pasek, this book in the Snowman Paul series for young children was as much fun as the first one I read for the appropriate age range, in terms of crazy happenings, but I have to wonder if it will have the same appealing as the previous one because the first book featured the child, Dan, doing his thing, with not a whole lot of activity by the Snowman Paul until later. This book, however is different because it's all Snowman Paul and Dan has little to do but watch.

Joanna Pasek's illustrations are delightful as ever, but the rhyming the text once again is too small for a phone, so a print book or tablet is in order again, unless your child just likes to look at pictures, in which case the phone can be pulled out at a moment's notice and they can be entertained even if you were not prepared. If your child is a watcher more than a doer, then maybe the fact that Dan has little to do here might not be an issue. Even if your kid likes to do, it might well be enough for them to sit and watch Paul enter the winter Olympics, especially if they've had a tiring day and just want to kick back. I liked the story and thought it fun.