Warning: This is not a young-adult novel, although out of the six I'd published up to this one, it was the mildest! However, it does contain some mild violence, consumption of alcohol, some langage, and playful sexual references.

Below is a brief description and a sample chapter.

ISBN-13: 978-0615631363 (MacRyan)
ISBN-10: 0615631363
Keywords: romance, relationships, England, mixed marriage
Publication date: April 25th, 2012
BISAC: Fiction / Romance / Contemporary
Available in paperback (6"x9") for $7.75
ebook $0.99

Back-cover blurb

So you've probably heard about the wedding where the bride didn't show, and I know you've heard about the wedding where the groom didn't. But did anyone ever tell you the story of the wedding where neither turned up? But it all turned out fine in the end?

Carolyn Shaddi and Stephen Sperry were too devoted to each other to spoil their wedding day, but their parents were too devoted to themselves to think of it as Carolyn and Stephen's wedding. So when blissful ignorance meets wedded bliss, and Stephen and Carolyn are wedded to it, you know it's going to be a wedding day to remember.

Show me the matrimony!

And I claim the record for this blurb for mentioning the word 'wedding' more than any other blurb ever....

Sample chapter:

Chapter 1

This Man and This Woman

Stephen Sperry had her purring. The guy she was with before had said she did nothing for him, but all Stephen had done was to work on her a little, and she'd responded almost instantly. The Sperry charm was disarming.

Even at twenty-one years, he was very experienced. With his knowledge and deft hands, there were few that would not respond, and this particular dream had come along beautifully. He knew it would be that way as soon as he'd seen her standing there all on her own; he could feel it where these things are felt with a surety that permitted no hint of a doubt.

He watched her as she waited for him to make the next move. Smiling, he ran his hand gently along the smooth line of her body. He took his time, knowing, as do all smart lovers, that time taken is time well spent. A lady is to be treated like a lady, and never rushed. To rush was to miss the infinite pleasure of a long, easy ascent to a warm assent and from thence to a thoroughly satisfying climax that was Heaven sent.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow, he decided, would be the day. They were both ready for it. He knew he was, and it was excitingly obvious that she was. It was written loud and clear in the bright lights that were her eyes, and her behaviour that night had left him in no doubt as to what she was capable. He leaned down and kissed her gently, briefly, and then he switched the engine off.

Car maintenance was an engaging occupation, but his stomach was rumbling. He washed-up and locked the door firmly behind him before making his way home for tea.


Carolyn Shaddi had him purring. She'd hardly given him a come-on when he'd brazenly chatted her up, but now he was all hers and he looked beautiful, standing there all on his own. He was slim, attractive, and very randy, and while he knew his place, he also knew where to visit when he wanted something.

The amusing thing was the way he'd turned up at the door one day, quite out of the blue, and asked her if she wanted some company; told her she did, in fact, and it had been the quiet confidence in those masculine green eyes that had persuaded Carolyn that he was worth more than a passing glance.

She'd steadily fallen in love with those eyes, and she looked deeply into them now, as she ran her fingertips through the dark hair in the nape of his neck. He returned her gaze as he always did, and she knew this warm feeling was real.

She had to keep this quiet, of course. She'd been surprised by his boldness at first, because everyone knew she was engaged to be married next Saturday, but somehow, he'd won her around.

She supposed that she was being overly sentimental with such an important event looming, but that wouldn't explain anything to her parents. As for her fiancé, who could tell? Anyone had a right to be jealous, but then jealousy is silly. She felt guilty about sharing her love, yes, but she was very willing to make an exception for a love like this.

Whatever the outcome, she knew she would keep on seeing him, even after the marriage. She couldn't give this up even if she wanted to.

Someone called her, and she knew she had to go. So did he. He stood up and she kissed him softly, running her hand quickly down his spine. She had to get back to her client; he was a regular, and he paid well. She couldn't afford to lose easy money like that. He'd already been kept waiting too long while she talked to her paramour. But then he knew nothing about Vic. No-one did, except he, and she.

She ruffled the cat's fur a little more, and then shooed him outside. He knew he had to go, and so with a little burr of affection (or disgruntlement, whichever way you see it), he turned and rubbed his way out of the door and into the small yard at the rear of the building. Then he made a feline for his next port-of-call.

Carolyn closed the door and walked quickly back to her client. He was waiting with that familiar look of expectant pleasure on his face, and she returned his look with a smile, even though he predictably ran his eyes briefly down her body, once again enjoying what she had on offer in the visual effects department.

He could enjoy her all he wanted as long as he paid handsomely for the privilege, she thought as she tipped his head backwards into the sink. "Let's get this conditioner off and see that you look like then, shall we?" she said, wondering how long it was until closing time, and why her salon should remain open so long when others closed at half-past five and six o'clock.

She was supposed to be at her fiancé's for tea.

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