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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

When I Wake Up by Joanne Liu, Ming Liu, Hattie Hyder

Rating: WORTHY!

Illustrated entertainingly by Hattie Hyder, this short children's book expresses the exuberance of a young child wondering what the new day will bring - but first, she has to go to sleep to get to the new day. Hopefully this will work as a great bedtime read, persuade an over-active child of the benefit of going to sleep, and perhaps bring sweet dreams. Maybe in the morning she will dance or paint or sing, or play with friends, or bake, or blow bubbles, or do a host of other things. The possibilities for a child's mind are endless.

I have one complaint about this book, which is that it sockets mom and dad into gender roles which I don't think is a healthy thing to brainwash children with. Must it be mom who is in the kitchen and dad who takes the child to the zoo? No. There's no reason at all that dad couldn't do the baking and mom go to the zoo. Or both of them do both. It saddens me to see women in the kitchen, perhaps barefoot, but not, thankfully in this case pregnant. There's no reason they cannot be of course, should they choose it, but to lard up a young child's mind with the idée fixe that this is their place, as this book does, is simply wrong.

However, in view of the other qualities this book offers, I'm overlooking that one problem and rating this as a worthy read. Perhaps parents can use that baking scene as a talking point?!