Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Never Underestimate a Hermit Crab by Daniel Sean Kaye

Title: Never Underestimate a Hermit Crab
Author: Daniel Kaye
Publisher: Diamond Book Distributors
Rating: WORTHY!

This story is decidedly weird, and proudly so! I don’t know what I thought I was getting when I requested to read this, but what I got was more than I expected! This idea, in particular that title, so intrigued me that I couldn’t not request it. It’s obviously a children's story, but I am not ashamed to say I loved it. It comes with a serious note at the end: that hermit crabs are living creatures and require care and attention if you want to keep one as a pet.

The art work is simple and clean, and engagingly well done. The descriptions are short, but highly entertaining. More art and more description would have been welcome for me, but hopefully this author will turn out more such books on other subjects. Indeed, with an imagination like that, it would be a shame if a novel or two were not to come from this mind. The story takes itself seriously, but you can’t help but see that tongue in the cheek there, and you can’t help but be amused at the outrageous assertions as to what hermit crabs enjoy and get up to in their 'spare time' when no humans are around....

I recommend this book, and especially recommend it for children who might like to own a hermit crab as a pet.