Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Night Night Norman by Marie Dimitrova, Romi Caron

Rating: WORTHY!

From an advance review copy for which I thank the publisher.

This is a hard-bound, large-format print book, with thirty pages of full-color, full-page illustrations by accomplished artist Romi Caron, and which is written amusingly by author Marie Dimitrova. The story is of Norman, a large chesnut horse who is cared for by Ellie. She lavishes attention and food on him in the evening and then disappears for the night.

Norman decides that he has to know where she goes, but he doesn't whinny about it. instead, one evening, he sneaks out and follows her - she looking adorable in her dungarees and galoshes, he sneaking around trying to discover where she went. And of course, havoc ensues. Apparently not having much horse sense, Norman gets into places where he shouldn't be - and can barely fit. Is he a whickered person? No, but he is a bit naughty, and he messes with stuff he doesn't really understand. With no one around telling him to "Hoof it," he leaves a mess - and no, not that kind of a mess. Let's just hazard a guess that Norman's middle name is probably 'Disorder'! Once he's back in his stall, he's a bit more stable and reins in his impulses, but is he about to cease these nighttime 'for hays'? In a word: neigh!

Obviously this book isn't written for a guy like me, but I was happy to get saddled with it because it was good for a few horse laughs, and the artwork is beautiful. I happily commend it as a worthy read for children - because of course, it takes the right tack....